Meet The Faction Collective: Much More Than a Ski Company

Fire-in-the-belly outcasts start with zero and become core ski brand with global community

Twelve years ago a rag-tag bunch of die-hard skiers from Australia, Canada, UK and US were toiling through the winter, learning about materials and refining shapes. Faction was born, and in the first production year, on Christmas Eve, the small but growing team ran their first 40 pairs in the back of a rented station wagon from France to Verbier, Switzerland.  

Today, Faction - one of the last independent ski companies - shapes skis trusted by notorious rippers like Candide Thovex, Johnny Collinson, 15-year-old phenom Kelly Sildaru, among many, many others. But they're also trusted by everyday skiers who want the best skis to help them level up in the park, resort or off-piste - and because they want to be part of a fun-loving tribe united by tools of escape: the Faction Collective.  

What's the Story?

The story of Faction is one of making something out of nothing. A story of risk, determination, and passion. A story of ski bums becoming more than just ski bums. One of making products that push boundaries, that rebel against the norm, products that people want to use because they are tools of escape. 

But Faction is much more than just a ski company. The Faction Collective is an independent group of skiers, artists, film-makers, staff, partners, and fans that have grown to more than just a sum of its parts, united by a love for the mountains and the tools that allow us to escape there.

The Tools of Escape

Faction has five series of skis that are designed with every type of terrain, snow, and mountain in mind. From all-mountain and backcountry skiing to freestyle and freeride, each series of skis are available in four different widths, allowing you to select the perfect ski for the terrain you're after. 

Full Lineup of 2017/18 Skis

  • Candide Thovex (CT) Series - The award-winning CT is the best freestyle ski, with a poplar beech core and a carbon layer underfoot. Available in junior sizes.   
  • Prodigy Series - The prodigy ski is sturdy and versatile - great for any type of rider. It is made of a responsive poplar/beech core that can stand any terrain.  
  • Dictator Series - The dictator is a race ski with a freestyle shape. Designed with speed in mind, these skis have a paulownia/poplar wood core with titanal metal sheets on either side. 
  • Prime Series - The new addition to the faction family, the prime series is lightweight, yet solid. These skis have a lightweight, hybrid basla flex core and textreme carbon that gives the ski stability. 

Each of the above series is available in varying widths. 

Women's Series - Full range of responsive, high-performance twin tips. 

About Faction Skis

Twelve years on and although everything has changed, not much really has. Having been at the driving end of new technologies like super fat skis, rocker, lightweight hybrid cores, recycled materials, symmetrical twin tips and a nod back to traditional, hand-crafted manufacturing techniques, the industry is still the same.

It's the independents who are leading the way. Led by skiers who work for the love of the community they are part of. 

And that's exactly who we are. An independent group of skiers, artists, film-makers, staff, partners and fans that has grown over the past 12 years to more than just a sum of its parts, united by a love for the mountains and the tools that allow us to escape there. 

Faction Skis