2017/18 Faction Ski Lineup

Faction's 2017/18 Lineup - Simple, Versatile, Innovative

Monday, September 25, 2017 — With winter fever already here, Faction's 2017/18 skis are ready for the snow to fly. Voted #1 Park Ski by Freeskier magazine, the CT Series is back along with the Prodigy, Dictator, and Women's Series. New this season is the Prime Series, a lightweight ski, designed for the everyday needs of any level skier. 

Candide Thovex (CT) Series - The award-winning CT is a great freestyle ski, with a poplar beech core and a carbon layer underfoot. Available in junior sizes.   

Prodigy Series - The Prodigy ski is sturdy and versatile - great for any type of rider. It is made of a responsive poplar/beech core that can stand any terrain.  

Dictator Series - The Dictator is a race ski with a freestyle shape. Designed with speed in mind, these skis have a paulownia/poplar wood core with titanal metal sheets on either side. 

Prime Series - The new addition to the faction family, the prime series is lightweight, yet solid. These skis have a lightweight, hybrid basla flex core and textreme carbon that gives the ski stability. 

Each of the above series is available in varying widths. 

Women's Series - Full range of responsive, high-performance twin tips. 

  • Ambit - Twin tip, park ski. 
  • Heroine - All-mountain, cambered ski with tip and tail rocker. 
  • Prodigy W - All around ski. Emphasis on all-mountain, powder snow. 
  • Supertonic - Big mountain ski of choice. For all types of snow. 
Candide Thovex 1.0
Candide Thovex 2.0
Candide Thovex 3.0
Candide Thovex 4.0
Prodigy 1.0
Prodigy 2.0
Prodigy 3.0
Prodigy 4.0
Dictator 1.0
Dictator 2.0
Dictator 3.0
Dictator 4.0
Prime 1.0
Prime 2.0
Prime 3.0
Prime 4.0
Women's Ambit
Women's Heroine
Women's Prodigy W
Women's Supertonic